NIBB-Academia Sinica International Webinar of Aquatic Model Organisms for Basic Biology to Human Disease Models

Speaker: Dr. Sachiko Tsuda

Institute: Division of Life Science, Gradual School of Science and Engineering, Saitama University, Japan

Talk title: Optical interrogation of neural population dynamics in the zebrafish cerebellum

The cerebellum integrates multiple information for motor control, learning, and also cognition. To understand the information processing in the cerebellar neuronal populations and its development, we analyzed the dynamics of Purkinje cells in the whole cerebellum, focusing on cerebellar compartments, which are suggested to be the functional module. For this purpose, we applied optical approaches and behavior analysis to the zebrafish cerebellum and found the novel clustered behavior of Purkinje cell populations and its change with development. I will also discuss voltage imaging of the zebrafish cerebellum using recently developed genetically encoded voltage indicators.